Prisoner Re-entry Program: To give male and female prisoners who are paroled the necessary tools to be successful by providing free bus tickets, food vouchers, clothing, rent for first apartment, job referrals and spiritual healing.

Mental Health Awareness: Provide support with depression, suicidal issues, drug/alcohol addiction, etc.

Domestic Violence: Provide assistance and support to victims in the areas of shelter, food, employment, emotional support, etc.

Scholarship Program: Assist with tuition and books for college students and registration fees for youth who cannot afford to play youth sports. This would include middle school and high school teams, City Recreation and
Little League Baseball.

Runaway-Teen Support Group: To guide runaway teens off of the streets and out of the risk of predators.

Hospice Support: To give spiritual and emotional support to families dealing with a loved one in hospice care and to be able to provide services and time away to ease some of the family’s burden.

Youth Life Skills Teaching: Help youth to deal with bullying, depression, peer pressure, budget management, Big Brother Program and to teach youth about character, strong morals, Spiritual and Biblical principles and academics. We will also provide encouragement and hope.

This is just the beginning of our vision here at THHOG! won’t you help to support us!!!!!!