THERESA’S HELPING HANDS OF GRACE: A Community Wide Ministry Base

We started this mission because we wanted to make a difference in our community, we wanted to help people in need of services. We believe we can make this happen by believing that Jesus is The Higher Power and all things are possible through him. I am asking for your help to get things rolling, and from here we will accomplish our goals through fundraising and grant writing. We came up with the name of or organization in remembrance of my mom Theresa Lindsay who passed away May 30th, 2015. My mom was the type of woman that never turned her back on any souls, and was all about giving and NEVER asked for anything in return. We will be transparent and every dollar of donated money will go into our organization needs. Our records will reflect what we use donated dollars for and will always be open to the public to see. Our organization has been approved by The State of Michigan and we our 501(c)(3) is approved with the IRS.

Our mission is to help make a change and be a difference in the lives of people in our community through Theresa’s Helping Hands of Grace (THHOG). We believe our organization can impact the lives of people in our community in a spiritual and loving way. We want to bring about a change in our community by giving back as Jesus gave to us. Theresa’s Helping Hands of Grace (THHOG) is a non-profit ministry organization headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan, and it started with a vision for giving back to our community and giving people a second chance in life. We believe everything should always be done based upon a scriptural foundation or principal and believeth that Jesus is The Higher Power. Scripture calls us to give back, to be cheerful givers and continue to do the work of Jesus, from nation to nation. We want to be agents for prayer, healing, restoring broken lives throughout our community and to bring about social change through our programs. Our goals are to also develop a partnership with other non-profit organizations to make a difference in our community.

We at THHOG also look to seek and build strong spiritual relationships within our community and to develop programs that will ensure our faith-based, non-profit organization operates at the highest standards and will be transparent to the public. We at THHOG will focus and collaborate on programs geared towards prisoner re-entry, mental health awareness, hospice visits/support, street ministry, youth skill development and scholarships, life skills teaching, homeless assistance, domestic violence awareness and runaway-teen support group.